A New Home for Circuit Blog Coverage

PBKCThe blog coverage has taken on a new look for the 2015/2016 World Series of Poker Circuit season. Click the photo above to be taken to the Palm Beach Kennel Club’s landing page where you’ll find a complete list of the series’ tournaments. When you get there, simply click the “Updates” tab next to your desired event and follow along!

Subsequent series will follow this same layout so please check back with us. We look forward to providing coverage all season long!

3rd Place: Mitch Garshofsky ($67,232)

Action folded to Mitch Garshofsky in the small blind, and he moved all in. Samuel Taylor called from the big blind with QdJc, and he was up against Mitch’s As6h. The 9dKhTh flop gave Samuel the nuts, and Mitch would need runner runner to survive. The 8c turn and 6d river came and Match is eliminated in 3rd place for $67,232.

4th Place: Brandon Miller ($49,904)

Brandon Miller was all in preflop holding Kh2c and was up against the As7c of Joseph Johanssy. The 7s8s4s flop took away two of Brandon’s outs, and the 3s on the turn meant he was drawing dead. The meaningles Qh hit the river to eliminate Brandon in 4th place from Event #10 $1,675 Main Event. He will collect $49,904 for his efforts.

Event #12 Final Table Reached

With 11 players left, a player was eliminated from each table, getting Event #12 $365 NLH Turbo down to the official final table. The final nine will take a one hour dinner break and then will resume play until a winner is determined.

We will have chip counts and seating assignments when the players return.

Main Event is now on dinner break

The final four players in are now on a 75 minute dinner break. Play will resume at approximately 7pm EST at 40,000/80,000 blinds with a 10,000 ante. Here are updated chip counts in seat order:

Joseph Johanssy – 4,380,000
Mitch Garshofsky – 660,000
Samuel Taylor – 3,600,000
Brandon Miller – 715,000

Here are the prizes left to play for:

1st Place: $149,020
2nd Place: $92,184
3rd Place: $67,232
4th Place: $49,904

Event #12 Is In The Money

With 20 players remaining, play had not gone hand-for-hand, yet. A player had busted, and the announcement was made that dealers should hold up. On each of the other two tables, a player busted on the same hand, leaving Event #12 $365 NLH Turbo in the money. The three players will split the 18th place payout, and play will continue after a redraw.