Event 7: PLO Down To Final Four

$365 Pot Limit Omaha

John Dobbin was the first to cash out. He finished 7th for $971.  Michael Gillard was next to go in 6th place, earning $1,152.

On the last hand of level 17, Robert Lynch hit the rail in 5th place for $1,445

Level 18:  Blinds 3k/6k

At the end of level 17, the final four players opted to continue playing until a winner is determined.  We were all then relocated to the Poker Room, where play resumed with Level 18.

Staffan Lind is the chip leader with almost 300k of the 630k total chips in play.

Event 7: In The Money

$365 Pot Limit Omaha

Level 16:  Blinds 2k/4k

They reached the final seven players which is also the money and players opted to continue play rather than bag up for the night.  Here’s the lineup with chip counts:

  1. John Dobbin – 12,500
  2. Michael Gillard – 79,000
  3. Andrew Spears – 27,500
  4. Rob Lynch – 67,000
  5. Staffan Lind – 180,000
  6. Russell ‘Rusty’ Clayton – 123,000
  7. Joseph Fallows – 142,000

Event 6: Heads-Up Begins

$365 Six Max No Limit Hold’em

Sirous Jamishidi was by far the most accomplished player at this final table with one WSOP Circuit ring, 11 WSOP cashes and over $1.2 million in WSOP-related earnings.  Unfortunately, he busted out in 7th place, earning $1,185.

That brought them to the final six players and the ‘official’ final table.

Next to go was Brian Dougherty in 6th place ($1,630).

Then Charles Bailey exited in 5th place for $2,250.

He was followed by Rocco Faroni in 4th place, earning $3,115.

James Holland Jr got his last chips in with pocket Kings against the pocket Queens of Ravi Shanmugam.  It appeared James was destined to double up, but a Queen on the river sent the pot to Ravi.  James hit the rail in 3rd place earning $4,314.

Heads-up play began with Ravi holding 616k to Ralph Massey’s 464k.

Event 6: Unofficial Final Table

$365 Six Max No Limit Hold’em

They’ve reached the final seven players in the Six Max, which means it is final table time.

Here’s the lineup with chip counts:

Seat – Player – Chips

  1. Sirous Jamshidi – 80,500
  2. James Holland Jr – 53,500
  3. Brian Dougherty – 245,000
  4. Rocco Faroni – 161,000
  5. Charles Bailey – 56,500
  6. Ravi Shanmugam – 282,000
  7. Ralph Massey – 206,500

Event 7: PLO Prize Pool

$365 Pot Limit Omaha

There were 63 players in today’s Pot Limit Omaha field, many of whom were also in the Six Max field, but busted out.  One of the new faces arriving for this event is original November Niner Dennis Phillips.

The total prize pool came to $18,900 and the final 7 players will get paid as follows:

 1st $6,615
 2nd $4,088
 3rd $2,710
 4th $1,919
 5th $1,445
 6th $1,152
 7th $971

Moe Farah Wins Gold in His First-Ever HOSE Event

Mohammad Farah winner$365 HOSE

“Awesome” was the word Mohammad ‘Moe’ Farah used to describe winning his first WSOP Circuit ring.  This was the first mixed-game tournament he has ever played which makes it an even more astounding accomplishment.  The semi-professional player will collect $6,515 for the win.

Shawn Ryan began Day 2 seventh out of ten in chips, but by the time they got to the final three, he held a massive chip lead.  His heads-up match with Farah began with Ryan holding more than an 8:1 chip lead.  It looked like it would be over quickly as Farah held fewer than four big bets, but he kept doubling up to get back into the game.  On the final hand they were playing 7-Stud and Farah made a flush to lock up the win.  Ryan picked up $4,088 for second place in his first recorded WSOP Circuit cash.

The $365 HOSE event drew 63 players for a total prize pool of $18,900.  The final seven players earned a share.  Day 1 was scheduled for only 16 levels and there were ten players remaining when they bagged up for the night. There were no WSOP Circuit ring owners among the ten that returned for Day 2.

Ronnie Morone was the chip leader at the start of Day 2 with more than twice as many chips as his closest rival, Moe Farah.  He went on to finish 3rd.  Pamela Jamison distinguished herself as the first woman to make a final table and the money in a ring event during this series.  She came into Day 2 fourth in chips and was eliminated in 5th place.

Moe Farah is a local and plays here and in Atlantic City.  He said Day 1 was a “slow day” for him.  He was “card dead until the last level, then went on a rush” to finish the day second in chips.  At the start of Day 2, he told his friend Joe ‘Worm’ Palma that he would wind up heads-up against Shawn Ryan, who he described as a “great player”.  His prediction came true, but with Farah at a big chip disadvantage.  He said “I got lucky…caught a rush of cards” to come back and take the win.

Farah works as a Computer Tech and isn’t taking more time off from work to chase points, but will be back for the Main Event.