Foxwoods Main Event Final Numbers and Payouts

Final numbers are in and the grand total for the Foxwoods Circuit Main Event is 591 players. This created a prize pool of $888,568.

The final 63 spots will will finish in the money with first place taking home $186,600 and the Circuit Main Event Ring.

Final payouts are as follows:

1st – $186,600
2nd – $115,069
3rd – $84,414
4th – $62,555
5th – $47,095
6th – $35,898
7th – $27,545
8th – $21,770
9th – $17,357
10th-12th – $13,861
13th-15th – $11,373
16th-18th – $9,418
19th-21st – $7,908
22nd-24th – $6,664
25th-27th – $5,686
28th-30th – $4,975
31st-33rd – $4,265
34th-36th – $3,820
37th-45th – $3,465
46th-54th – $3,198
55th-63rd – $2,932

Event 11 Now Underway

One Million GTD
Event 11 at the Foxwoods Circuit Series, the $365 No-Limit Hold ‘em, is now underway. Players start with 10,000 in chips and the levels are starting at 30 minutes.

At noon today, Day 2 of the Main Event will be kicking off. Registration will close once play begins and we will bring you the final numbers and payouts as soon as they are made available.

Stay tuned for all of the action on a busy Sunday at Foxwoods.

Main Event Day 2 Chip Counts

Place  NameChipsTable/Seat
1Haddad, Ray304,00012-7
2Pezzullo, Francis225,1005-4
3Feehan, J.E.180,60014-2
4He, Liam175,7008-2
5Engel, Alan169,90024-3
6Gray, Patrick162,60020-2
7Baker, Scott159,60014-5
8Hawkins, Charlie$152,70022-1
9Rosenberg, Mason150,40016-9
10Strasser, Jason144,30011-1
11Godin, Dorian142,70014-7
12Mostafa, Ryan135,60022-8
13Abdel-Rahim, M.133,70019-8
14Hendricks, Jeremy129,40017-7
15Artigiani, Richard127,5003-1
16Loew, Aaron126,9005-7
17Campo, Peter120,70023-7
18Pena, Jose115,2007-8
19Eriquezzo, Ryan110,5003-8
20Rollman, Dan109,10015-2
21Stefanski, David108,2007-7
22Saunders, Jeffrey104,6007-5
23Paushter, Evan103,8005-6
24Lipszyc, Sholom103,00015-4
25Ohannessian, H.102,60017-6
26Dang, William100,80024-9
27Gilmore, Peter99,7003-7
28Bates, John99,6004-5
29Bitker, Adam97,20024-5
30Georato, Robert94,70016-1
31Leskowitz, Bryan93,10012-3
32Singer, Dave92,50012-2
33Mitrokostas, Spiro91,50015-7
34Maglio, Vincent91,30023-1
35Lang, Grant90,3009-8
36Rosenberg, Chip88,30014-4
37Chappell, Tony88,20024-2
38Kurth, Taylor88,10016-5
39Born, Laura88,00016-7
40Backa, Marsel87,80015-3
41Agarwal, Pushpa87,50015-6
42Stracco, Michael87,5003-2
43Chan, Daniel85,70011-7
44Dines, Suzanne85,10023-9
45Skinner, Bob82,3006-8
46Guadano, Michael81,00021-3
47Wolpert, Leo79,90013-1
48Rubin, James78,80018-6
49Kates, Richard78,00024-1
50Suller, Shaun77,50013-4
51DiBella, John77,4008-6
52Santos, Mike77,1001-7
53Pahuja, Vinny73,40019-5
54Calderone, Frank73,00013-8
55Aiello, Gerald72,5002-8
56Zinno, Anthony72,00021-1
57Vickrey, Stephen71,50018-9
58Diamantus, Stephen70,80017-1
59Sciannameo, C.69,9004-2
60Newman, Michael69,7008-7
61Sanney, Todd69,70019-2
62Mutsakis, Nick69,60018-1
63Nowak, Paul67,0003-9
64Austein-Miller, Geoff66,9006-5
65Dombrowski, Hilary66,90020-7
66Kerstetter, Jamie66,70022-2
67Senter, Clarence65,8002-7
68Morneau, Joe65,20012-5
69Donovan, Keith64,90018-3
70Vo, Chien64,5009-2
71Solitro, Matt64,4009-6
72Perry, James64,30020-9
73Adams, Justin63,5005-8
74Hegarty, Sean63,20013-3
75Quint, Josh62,60010-1
76Clemente, Michael62,40011-9
77Rocaberte, John62,0005-1
78Pappas, William60,3001-4
79Vetstein, Chad60,30018-7
80Bitondo, Attilio60,0004-3
81Sinkiewicz, Ken59,70017-5
82Burns, Aaron58,80019-7
83Burnette, Randy58,5008-3
84Grimes, Terry58,30016-4
85Methia, Ryan58,2007-2
86Ortiz, Alex57,90016-2
87McCarthy, Kevin57,80023-3
88St. Vincent, Brad57,50023-5
89Attina, Sal57,00022-7
90Macavinta, Emer57,0002-3
91Legendre, Rodney55,0008-5
92Giannitti, Peter54,0001-8
93Hale, Denis53,60010-3
94Matteo, Paul51,60022-3
95Esquivel, Jahzeel50,30023-6
96Ting, John50,3009-9
97Chin, Derek50,10012-4
98Garshofsky, M.50,0006-4
99Hurwitz, Jeffrey49,50023-8
100Sorscher, Jonathan49,4009-3
101Agard, Sherwin49,10014-6
102Beauregard, Timothy48,80019-3
103Aguiar, Jonathan48,70010-6
104Lamora, Brandon48,40011-6
105Savarese, David48,30012-9
106Mann, Howard47,6004-9
107Nissim, Ari47,2004-4
108Gravalese, Eddie47,0008-1
109Nigris, Paolo47,00014-9
110Hussie, Andrew46,80024-7
111Tekneci, Kirkor46,80010-8
112Schwartz, Justin46,50021-6
113Stacy, Kenneth45,9009-5
114Marcy, Rick45,6004-7
115Cohen, Steven45,5004-8
116Chambers, Gary45,30016-6
117Ahmady, Yasin45,2008-9
118Stein, Z45,0005-3
119Hou, Ernie44,90013-7
120Torkildsen, Peter44,50022-5
121Ganias, Chris44,30011-8
122Ferdinand, Bobby43,30022-9
123Radochia, Paul42,80017-9
124Myung, John42,6006-7
125Shelmerdine, E.42,5002-5
126Marston, Paul42,0007-6
127Sklar, Randal41,5001-5
128Mansur, Forrest41,0006-1
129Brumfield, Bart40,10015-1
130Silberzweig, Matthew40,00010-9
131Hoglund, Thomas39,7009-7
132Lall, Bharat39,60020-5
133Aubin, Marc39,4004-1
134Perry, Derrick39,40021-2
135Wilson, Alexander39,40011-3
136Polinsky, Alex37,8001-3
137Yap, Ricky37,70017-2
138DeArrigunaga, M.36,20018-2
139Buchanan, Austin35,80016-3
140Massey, Aaron35,80019-9
141Connors, Wayne34,80019-1
142Liu, Mengxi34,70013-2
143Hofmann, Steve34,60021-8
144Kim, Juno33,40017-4
145Goldman, Eric33,20021-9
146Taylor, Dave33,0003-3
147Hector, Dorothy32,50024-8
148Patel, Raj32,40015-5
149Ghods, Ehsan31,5001-6
150Epstein, Mark30,70014-1
151Kamer, Russel30,60020-1
152Milburn, Megan30,50015-9
153Tristani, Anthony30,4005-9
154Ribeiro, Edward29,7001-1
155Cerreto, Michael29,5002-9
156Uppalapati, Nirmal29,5003-4
157Boggio, Matt29,3007-9
158Orme, Chris28,90013-9
159Garcia, Paul27,30021-7
160Spector, Glenn27,3002-4
161Hodson, Robert26,40018-8
162Kilcullen, Tom24,9007-1
163Mondello, Paul24,30012-1
164Korres, Chris$23,90019-4
165Caouette, Nick23,80010-2
166Hofmann, Ryan23,30011-2
167Richard, Jonathan22,9002-1
168Britten, Stephen22,60017-3
169Frank, Jason22,6008-4
170Pappas, Art22,00010-7
171Theodosiadis, Pascal22,0007-3
172Bill, Peter21,60014-3
173Hawkins, Maurice20,70018-5
174Fernandes, Jose20,3001-9
175Linster, Michael20,00021-5
176Block, Keith19,80013-5
177Shelton, Mike19,80020-3
178Rodrigues, Johnny19,60023-2
179Andrews, Mark18,6005-5
180Webb, Melody18,0003-5
181Miller, Robert17,90010-5
182McCluskey, Sarah17,4006-9
183Nguyen, Steven17,20024-6
184Vrabel, Luke17,0006-2
185Estevam, Marco16,7006-3
186Procopion, John16,30011-5
187Gulati, Tarun16,10012-8
188Amaral, Chris15,50020-6
189Long, Rohan15,4002-6
190Zisk, Richard12,9009-1

Haddad, Engel Shine on Opening Day of Main Event Action

It feels like we just set the November Nine in the World Series of Poker Main Event a month ago.  Oh wait, we did.  There is no rest for the weary in the poker world though, as the WSOP calendar is now truly a year-round affair.

The 2013-2014 Circuit is in full swing and the first Main Event of the season kicked off at Foxwoods Resort and Casino in Mashantucket, Connecticut.  The East Coast poker mecca returned for a second season on the Circuit and, once again, the Main Event drew some of the top talent from both the New England region and the WSOP Circuit regulars.

The first starting flight drew 341 entries, including a number of bracelet winners like Leo Wolpert, Jon Aguiar, and Ronnie Bardah as well as last year’s seventh place finisher in the 2012 WSOP Main Event, Michael Esposito.  For all of these noteworthy players, save Wolpert, Day 1A would not end on a positive note.  All were eliminated, including Esposito who busted on the second to last hand of the flight.

Wolpert, on the other hand, thrived, and managed to bag up almost 80,000 chips.  He was on of 115 Flight 1A survivors along with Maurice Hawkins, 2012 WSOP National Championship participants Aaron Massey and Austin Buchanan, Vinny Pahuja, Jason Strasser, Little One for One Drop final tablist Joe Morneau, and Josh Bergman.

Ari Engel, fresh off his sixth Circuit Ring victory, also had a massive day at the Flight 1A tables, bagging up 169,900, which puts him second in the Flight 1A counts.  While Engel impressively built on his 20,000-chip starting stack, he is still not even close to the end of Flight 1A chip leader Ray Haddard’s mountain of 304,000 chips.

Esposito, Bardah, and Aguiar were just some of the players to takeadvantage of the single re-entry option of this tournament and signed up for second chance in Flight 1B.  For Esposito and Bardah, the results were the same as their first shot, but for Aguiar, the second time proved to be the charm, as the semi-retired poker pro was one of approximately 79 Flight 1B players from a starting field of around 243 entries to bag up at the end of the night.

Several other players opted to fire just a single bullet in this tournament in the second flight of the day. It was a plan that worked out well for Jamie Kerstetter and Justin Schwartz, but not so well for the likes of Victor Ramdin and bracelet winner Andrew Badecker.

The player who had the best Flight 1B of them all was Frank Pezzullo.  He took his second bullet in this tournament and ran it up into 225,100, thanks to numerous big pots, including a hand where he busted Circuit regular, Ralph Massey. While it wasn’t enough to overtake Haddad for the overall chip lead going into Day 2, Pezzullo is nonetheless firmly second in the counts and the only other player over the 200,000-chip mark.

Final numbers in this opening Circuit Main Event will be tabulated in the morning after registration officially closes at the start of Day 2 play.  The tournament easily surpassed the $500,000 guarantee and it will be a nice six-figure payday for whoever captures that ring and National Championship berth.

Tune in to the WSOP live updates tomorrow for all the Day 2 action, which gets underway at 12pm ET. Until then, here is a look at the unofficial end of Day 1 top ten counts:

1. Ray Haddad – 304,000
2. Frank Pezzulo – 225,100
3. James Feehan- 180,600
4. Liam He – 175,700
5. Ari Engel – 169,900
6. Patrick Gray – 162,600
7. Scott Baker – 159,600
8. Charles Hawkins – 152,700
9. Mason Rosenberger – 150,400
10. Jason Strasser – 144,300

And be sure to keep checking in here on the Circuit Blog tomorrow, as we’ll have info and action from Event 11, a $365 No Limit Hold’em event that kicks off at 11AM tomorrow.

Foxwoods Main Event About to Kick Off

FoxwoodsRing (1)

The $1,675 No-Limit Hold ‘em Main Event is now underway at the Foxwoods Circuit series. Flight A kicks off at 11am while Flight B will start up at 5pm. You may enter either Flight or both if you are eliminated from Flight A.

Players will start with 20,000 in chips and the first 15 levels of play are 40 minutes in length. Levels are then 60 minutes through 25. After that, all levels will be 75 minutes long. Play in Flights A and B will be 12 levels.

In addition to the Circuit Main Event Ring and a seat to the WSOP National Championship, this event features a $500,000 guaranteed prize pool.

Be sure to follow the live updates from the Foxwoods Circuit Main Event by clicking here.

Main Event Kicks Off at 11am


An exciting Friday has come to an end at the Foxwoods Circuit series. Ari Engel was able to defeat the toughest final table of the series to win his sixth Circuit Ring in the $580 No-Limit Hold ‘em Event 9.

Ryan Methia retained the Casino Championship points lead when Chris Rizzo was eliminated from the same event in fifth place. With only three Ring events remaining, Methia holds a 10 point lead over Rizzo going into the weekend.

Tomorrow marks the start of the Foxwoods Circuit Main Event. Flight A of the $1,675 buy-in event gets underway at 11am. If eliminated from Flight A, you may re-enter into Flight B that kicks off at 5pm.

Be sure to stay tuned to the Circuit Blog for all of the exciting Main Event action starting tomorrow morning.

Ari Engel Wins His Sixth Circuit Ring

Event 9 winner

With the Main Event kicking off tomorrow morning, today was supposed to be a relatively calm day at the Foxwoods Circuit series. Little did anyone know, that statement could not have been further from the truth, as Ari Engel captured his sixth Circuit Ring in the $580 No-Limit Hold ‘em event in an evnt stacked with poker talent.

The starting field of 225 players in the $580 No-Limit Hold ‘em event was whittled down to just ten by the end of the first night. Ari Engel and two-time Circuit Ring winner Aaron Massey came into Day 2 second and third in chips. Chris Rizzo, who finished second in the $365 No-Limit Hold ‘em Event 4, came in as the chip leader.

Rizzo needed to secure a win or runner-up finish to take over the Foxwoods Casino Championship point lead from Ryan Methia. However, Methia’s lead would stay intact as Rizzo would end up being knocked out in fifth place for $7,408. Engel and Massey would cut through the rest of the final table and set up a heads-up match that everyone was anticipating.

The two players, who are also good friends, were the two most accomplished Circuit grinders at the final table. In addition to Engel’s five rings, Massey holds two rings himself. Massey also had two prior Circuit runner-up finishes.

The two battled it out for just under an hour before Engel was able to grind Massey down. In the end, Engel finished Massey off to earn the title, while Massey had to settle for his third Circuit runner-up finish. Engel took home $29,634 for his victory.

With six Circuit Rings, Engel is now tied with Alex Masek and both players trail Chris Reslock, who holds the most Circuit Rings won with a total of seven. When asked if he thinks he can tie Reslock this season, Engel was confident. “I won two events last year and this is a great start. I definitely think I have a shot.”

Engel also had kind words to say about his heads-up opponent. “Aaron is an incredible player and I have an incredible amount of respect for his game. Also, I want to thank my parents for their continued support.”

Last year, Engel booked two victories and 14 cashes on the Circuit, which helped him secure the top at-large spot in last season’s National Championship field. It looks as if he has no intention of slowing down this season.

Congratulations on Circuit Ring six, Ari Engel! We are sure it won’t be long until you make a run at number seven.

Here are the full final table results from the $580 No Limit Hold’em Event 9 at Foxwoods:

1st: Ari Engel – $29,634
2nd: Aaron Massey – $18,313
3rd: Bedda Nakhoul – $13,336
4th: Victor Usatii – $9,850
5th: Chris Rizzo – $7,408
6th: Deon Nossel – $5,654
7th: Steven Brackesy – $4,374
8th: Fred Alesi – $3,438
9th: Spyro Mitrokostas – $2,743

Five-Timers Everywhere


Kurt Jewell is among the elite few who have won five Circuit Rings. Today, he is at the $580 No-Limit Hold ‘em Event 9 final table to sweat one of his best friends, Aaron Massey. Massey himself has two Circuit Rings.

Interestingly enough, one of the few other players who has five rings, Ari Engel, is now heads-up with Massey for his sixth ring, which would put him in a tie for second with Alex Masek on the all-time Circuit wins leaderboard.