Brad St. Vincent is the Casino Champion!

With the final three events still playing out, Brad St. Vincent has mathematically locked up Casino Champion at Foxwoods Casino. Brad has taken a 3rd, 8th, 11th, and 16th place finish in the events this week to collect 87.5 points. Only 21 other players have enough points to catch Brad if they won an event, and none of those 21 players are alive in any of the three events still running. Even more impressive, Brad is still alive in Event #12 $365 Turbo NLH, and they are one player from making the money. He will likely extend his lead in points as Casino Champion, and hopefully improve on his 3rd place finish with his first World Series of Poker Circuit ring.

Meanwhile, a handful of players are still alive in Event #11 looking to lock up their seat on the National Leaderboard. Paul Mattioda, Michael Bratovich, and DJ Mackinnon are still alive and currently sit in 52nd, 60th, and 72nd on the leaderboard. Meanwhile, James Kilarjian is on the rail watching in anticipation as he sits in 54th place on the leaderboard.

6th Place: Seunghwan Lee ($24,026)

Seunghwan Lee

With “Blackjack” holding only a handful of big blinds, Seunghwan Lee raised and David Kluchman reraised. Seunghwan made the call and the two saw a 4d9s5h flop. Seunghwan check called a 500,000 bet from David, and then jammed on the Jh turn. David made the call and tabled KsKd, ahead of Seunghwan’s AhJs. Seunghwan would need to catch a five-outer to survive, but the dealer brought the 6c river instead. Seunghwan will exit this tournament in 6th place, good for $24,026.

Event #11 Four handed chip counts

Play is now down to the final four in Event #11 $365 NLH. Here are updated chip counts in seat order with 10 minutes remaining in 10,000/20,000 blinds with a 4,000 ante:

Jeremy Wing – 725,000
Matt Wantman – 650,000
Kenneth Lightford – 323,000
Richard Horvath – 513,000

Here are the recent eliminations:

5th Place: Edwin Balcarcel – $4,191
6th Place: Christopher Milano – $3,198
7th Place: David Drury – $2,475
8th Place: Richard Kerman – $1,944

8th Place: John Lyons ($14,698)

John Lyons

John Lyons was all in preflop holding Qh7c and was up against the Qd5d of Spencer Champlin. The 2d9hTh flop was safe for John, but the 5c turn was disaster for him. Needing a seven on the river, it fell Ah instead to give Spencer the winning hand. John will exit this tournament in 8th place, good for $14,698.