Event #12 Is In The Money

With 20 players remaining, play had not gone hand-for-hand, yet. A player had busted, and the announcement was made that dealers should hold up. On each of the other two tables, a player busted on the same hand, leaving Event #12 $365 NLH Turbo in the money. The three players will split the 18th place payout, and play will continue after a redraw.

Event #11 1st Place: Gary Lucci ($13,478)

The board read 9s5hTd9d and James Karos moved all in holding Kc7h. Gary Lucci made the call with Ks9c and had James drawing dead as he had turned trip sevens. The meaningless 8c hit the river, and James was eliminated in 2nd place for $8,311.

Gary Lucci has won Event #11 $365 NLH. He will take home $13,478 along with his first World Series of Poker Circuit ring. Congratulations, Gary.

Event #12 Prize Pool & Payouts

Event #12 $365 NLH Turbo received 151 entries, creating a $45,406 prize pool. The top 18 players will be in the money, with a mincash worth $608. Here are the full payouts:

1st Place: $12,260
2nd Place: $7,578
3rd Place: $5,454
4th Place: $3,995
5th Place: $2,984
6th Place: $2,261
7th Place: $1,748
8th Place: $1,371
9th Place: $1,098
10th-12th Place: $885
13th-15th Place: $726
16th-18th Place: $608