Adam Teasdale Wins Harrah’s Resort Championship

Aspiring pro pockets $194,040, his first WSOP Circuit gold ring and a seat in the National Championship.

Adam Teasdale outlasted a field of 616 entrants in the $1,675 Harrah’s Resort Main Event early Tuesday morning in Atlantic City, NJ. The score marked the largest of the aspiring pro’s career, awarding him better than $194,000, a WSOP Circuit gold ring and a berth in the $1 Million WSOP National Championship.

Teasdale lost his father about a year ago, making the championship performance that much more dear to him.

“This is absolutely going out to him and the rest of my family,” Teasdale of his father. “I told them that I could do it and this is just a start to a new beginning for me.”

Teasdale began Day 3 as the chip leader but took a few hits and started the final table fifth in chips. The eliminations were swift, and before you knew it, Teasdale was heads up with Wade Woelfel. With more than 200 big blinds in play, tournament staff and spectators alike settled in for what was sure to be a marathon battle.

After a relatively uneventful duel, Teasdale and Woelfel played what would be the last hand of the tournament.

On a board of QdQh6h4s, Woelfel checked to Teasdale who made a bet of 460,000 (at the 40,000/80,000 level). Woelfel then raised all-in for 3,640,000 and Teasdale had a decision to make. After tanking for what seemed like five minutes Teasdale made the call and tabled 9s4h for a pair of fours.

“Good call,” Woelfel said, tabling As5h for ace high.

The river came the Qc and Teasdale was crowned champion. Woelfel earned $120,018 for his runner-up performance.

“(It feels) absolutely amazing,” Teasdale said. “I moved to North Carolina and that’s where I discovered this awesome game that’s hopefully going to change my life. I’m off to a good start.”

Teasdale did all he could to stay positive throughout the three-day marathon. He even went as far as littering his chip stack with Hall’s wrappers inscribed with motivational sayings. From the rail they looked like garbage, but to Teasdale they were reminders to stay positive.

“I had gone down to the gift shop before Day 1 and grabbed Vitamin C,” Teasdale said. “There were little quotes (on the wrappers) to keep your head up when something goes bad. There were a whole bunch of positive sayings that you need to keep in the back of your mind when you’re playing the game because it’s stressful.”

Teasdale had success with the inspirational quotes and eventually found himself in the winner’s circle. When asked if he would continue to sprinkle the wrappers on his chip stack while playing poker his answer was painfully logical.

“I would assume so,” he said with a smile.

Teasdale was the most notable of cashers, placing first and pocketing $194,040, but others to finish in the money included Feming Chan (11th), Brandon Fish (14th), Will Failla (31st), Jamie Kerstetter (34th) and gold bracelet champion Chris Reslock (58th).

A full list of players to cash is available on

The Main Event concluded on the heels of what was a hugely successful Circuit series at Harrah’s Resort. Just weeks after Hurricane Sandy took its toll on the East Coast the event drew a field of almost 900 in the opening weekend and the Main Event drew 616, a mere two entrants short of last year’s field. If this year’s Circuit series is any indication, Atlantic City appears to be bouncing back from the devastation and all signs point to great things to come.

Brandon Fish won Casino Champion honors, following up an Event 2 victory with a 14th place finish in the Main Event. More information on Fish’s performance at Atlantic City will be made available on in the coming days.

The Main Event was the tenth of 12 gold ring events on the WSOP Circuit schedule at Harrah’s Resort. The $1,675 No-Limit Hold’em tournament attracted 616 entries. The total prize pool came to $924,000 and the top 63 players were paid.

Teasdale is an aspiring poker pro from Marinette, WI. He now resides in North Carolina and this marks his largest tournament score to date.

Final table results:

1st: Adam Teasdale – $194,040
2nd: Wade Woelful – $120,018
3rd: Pete Rios – $87,762
4th: Sung Kim – $65,124
5th: Terry Grimes – $49,000
6th: Aaron Overton – $37,376
7th: Barry Leventhal – $28,903
8th: Ed Modlin – $22,656
9th: Trevor Deeter – $18,000

Adam Teasdale Wins Harrah’s Resort Main Event

Congratulations to Adam Teasdale from Marinette, WI for his Main Event championship. He beat Wade Woelfel heads up and was awarded $194,040, a WSOP Circuit gold ring and most importantly, a seat in the WSOP National Championship.

Teasdale previously recorded a ninth place finish at Harrah’s Resort in 2009, but the Main Event victory marks his largest win by far.

Stay tuned for a full report of Teasdale’s victory later tonight.

Fish Wins Casino Championship, Ward Eliminated Eighth

There you have it. Brandon Fish won your 2012-2013 Harrah’s Resort Casino Championship and earned his seat to the $1 Million WSOP National Championship to take place in New Orleans May 2013.

Fish had one player to sweat at the Event 12 final table, Richard Ward. Ward finished eighth, earning 17.5 points, bringing his total to 40, well short of Fish’s 70.

Congratulations, Brandon!

Fish Gets a Sweat

Brandon Fish (foreground) sweats Richard Ward (background) at the Event 12 final table. Fish earned 70 points toward the Casino Championship with first and 14th place finishes at Harrah’s Resort. Ward earned 22.5 for his sixth place finish Event 9 and now finds himself at the final table of Event 12.

Ward needs a win and a win only to earn 50 additional points and surpass Fish in the race to New Orleans and the $1 Million WSOP National Championship.

See full Casino Championship standings at (points update daily at 6 p.m. ET).

Casino Championship Comes Down to Final Event

Event 12 is down to the final table and at least one player can overtake Brandon Fish for the Casino Champion’s lead at Harrah’s Resort. That player is Richard E. Ward who recorded a sixth place finish earlier this series to earn 22.5 points. If he wins, he’ll be awarded 50 points, bringing his total to 72.5, 2.5 points better than Fish.

Ward and Fish’s Casino Championship battle stole the headline from Dwyte Pilgrim (pictured), who is going for his forth Circuit ring.

Here’s a look at how the other players stack up:

Seat 1: Rick Austin – 180,000
Seat 2: Sara Stohler – 484,000
Seat 3: Giovanni Lo Duca – 42,500
Seat 4: Michael Magor – 239,000
Seat 5: Matthew Chang – 307,500
Seat 6: Phillip Doucet – 138,000
Seat 7: Cullen Hofmann – 160,000
Seat 8: Isil Mengi – 68,000
Seat 9: Richard E. Ward – 148,000
Seat 10: Dwyte Pilgrim – 300,000

Third Time’s a Charm: Stephen Scales Wins Event 11

Scales’ WSOP Circuit resume now boasts 6th, 4th and 1st place finishes.

Wendy Freedman finishes runner-up.

Stephen Scales won his first WSOP Circuit gold ring Monday night at Harrah’s Resort in Event 11, a $365 No-Limit Hold’em tournament. Scales’ WSOP resume now boasts three cashes, all coming at final tables. Additionally, he improved on his previous result every time, first carding a sixth, then a fourth and now a first place finish.

“It feels awesome,” Scales said. “This is my second Circuit stop ever. At Caesars (Atlantic City) this year I made back-to-back final tables and came up short twice.”

For a while it looked as if Scales would come up short a third time. His heads-up battle with Wendy Freedman lasted the better part of the six-and-a-half-hour final table and saw multiple lead changes before things finally went Scales’ way.

“I knew it was going to be (Freedman and me) heads up,” Scales said. “She’s a very good player.”

Freedman’s runner-up finish in Event 11 marked the highest finish for a female player at the 2012-2013 Circuit series at Harrah’s Resort. Ashira Lavine (Event 13, 2009) is the only woman to have won an open ring event at this property.

“(Women players) get a lot of action because a lot of players don’t think women are good and it turns out a lot of them are. A lot of the girls you see that are regulars on the WSOP Circuit are very good players,” Scales would say of his adversary.

Scales earned $18,099 for his first place finish as well as a WSOP Circuit gold ring and 50 points toward the Casino Championship. Event 2 champion Brandon Fish leads the points race at Harrah’s Resort with two events remaining to be decided. At best, Scales will finish tied for second in the race to New Orleans.

Event 11 was the eleventh of 12 gold ring events on the WSOP Circuit schedule at Harrah’s Resort. The $365 No-Limit Hold’em tournament attracted 243 entries. The total prize pool came to $73,782 and the top 27 players were paid.

Final table results:

1st: Stephen Scales – $18,099
2nd: Wendy Freedman – $11,183
3rd: Denis Chatroux – $8,079
4th: Gary Leuis – $5,946
5th: Andrew Jeffrey – $4,454
6th: David Lackey – $3,394
7th: Pasquale Calabria – $2,630
8th: Paul Paez – $2,071
9th: William Krell – $1,656

Stephen Scales Wins Event 11

The third time was a charm for Stephen Scales as he won his first WSOP Circuit ring at his third final table. Scales defeated Wendy Freedman in Event 11 ($365 No-Limit Hold’em) following a grueling heads up battle. The 2012-2013 Circuit at Harrah’s Resort crowned no female champions.

Freedman was awarded $18,099 for what marked his third WSOP Circuit cash. A full report of Scales’ victory will be made available shortly.

Here’s a look at his WSOP Circuit finishes prior to this event.

2011/2012 WSOP Circuit Event – Caesars Atlantic City
Event #5: No-Limit Hold’em
$555 buy-in
2011/2012 WSOP Circuit Event – Caesars Atlantic City
Event #2A: No-Limit Hold’em Re-Entry
$345 buy-in